Technology, R&D

R & D Engineers

With advanced and innovative intelect, our R & D team keep on chanllenging themselves to be the position as a leading high technology engineerings. In order to meet the inquiry of changing with each passing day and advance technology coming at the conner of morden new age, our R & D with original insight, they develop and design different sorts of intelligent protection function and sytlish out casing to perform our production in order to fulfull the need of our customers.

QC & Testing station

Excellent trained Q.C. concept to every members on the production line. Producing best quality is our guaranteed to our customers. 100% total amount quality inspection to ensure manufacture non defect and perfect production before shippment. Careful and exact quality control procedure avoid unnecessary reowrk, to risen the efficiency of production, in order to validity arrange exactly delivery date. SUN LIGHT Technology production is our guaranteed for your best choice of quality and delivery.