Li-Fe Battery Charger 12V/132A ; 24V/66A

Li-Fe Battery Charger 12V/132A ; 24V/66A

Product Description

Product Name:Li-Fe Battery Charger 12V/132A ; 24V/66A

Country of Origin:Taiwan

Model:LBC-041320D / LBC-08660D



Minimum Order:1-50 pieces--7-10 days

Delivery Lead Time:100 pcs--45 Days

Delivery FOB Port:Taiwan Port

Payment Condition:TT in advance

Detail Specifications


1. 3 Stages Charging: 1st-25% of rating current; 2nd-50% of rating current; 3rd-100% of rating current (equalizer).

2. Automatic Re-charging Battery: If the battery voltage <@3.1V/cell after full charged, the charger will automatic re-charging the battery.

3. Short-circuit Protection: Charger O/P cut-off automatically when short circuit.

4. Overload Protection: Charger O/P current-limited automatically when overload.

5. Unique Digital Meter Display: Indicating charging voltage, current, battery capacity (percent and AH) and charger status (timer, pre-charge,.....)

6. LED Display: Red(power), Green(full charged) & Orange(equalizer charge)