UPS-SUC-1200W-Solar Pure Sine Wave

Country of Origin:
Aluminum Housing
Darrk Grey
Delivery Lead Time:
45 days
Delivery FOB Port:
F.O.B. Shenzhen
Payment Condition:
T/T in advance

Detail Specifications

Green Energy U.P.S-1200W


1. Green energy prior supply system
2. Exclusive solar charger 288W, AC charger 288W
3. AC charging high efficiency : In the full load PFC up to 99%
4. Advanced microchip design, Pure Sine Wave THD <3%
5. Soft start function
6. High efficiency 90% ~ 94%
7. Input and Output isolated design
8. Synchronization & single phrase-lock up
9. Shift time < 6 ms
10. Intelligent multi-stages fans cooling system
11. Intelligent output over load protection
12. Suitable for resistive, capacitive, inductive different loads
13. Full protection : Output short circuit, input high/low voltage, over-temperature
14. Wired remote controller with display (optional)